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FLUZ FLUZ 3.3 ETH - GIVEAWAY (27.02. — 15.03)
Participate in our giveaway for your chance to win 3.3 ETH for you and your friends!
[Image: bUglsbq.jpg&key=fc9545fea535d2fee6ea4120...6a1f26c46e]
The rules are simple:
Step 1: join our Telegram group — and Telegram Announcements channel — if you are not a member already
Step 2: Invite friends to our Group and Announcements channel — Click on the chat/channel settings in the upper right corner, then click on “Add members”. OR give them this link: and
Step 3: Friends that you have invited have to write in the group top 3 TYPES of categories (example- Germany: Food, Transportation, Entertainment #FluzFluz) in which they spend most of their money monthly. Of course all newcomers are welcome to discuss the project/ask questions/ just chat with the community.
Step 4: complete the the Google form to track the results HERE

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