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Indian Bitcoin Exchanges - Trader Review

I am Looking for Indian (or) INR accepted exchange who can accept deposits under 30 mins to 1 hr (max) & also should process withdrawal in 1 hr to 3 hrs.

My real time experience with indian bitcoin exchanges.

  • Lower Fees
  • Huge Volumes.
  • No Live Support
  • Phone numbers not worked all the times.
  • Poor Email support
  • Bad UI & Server performance.
Frequent Hiccup on their server and Updating their Engine when price up & down. It's very hard to buy / sell like flipkart's flash sale during the time.
Deposit confirmation may take 48 hrs to 15 Days. Not good if you are in Day Trading platform. Your money will stuck with them for certain period.

There is No Status Notification like Team is on vacation, Leave, bank holiday etc., Again you have to sit for long period if you Deposit / Withdrawl.Coinsecure APP is not working most of the times. Poorly built.


  • Well known company
  • Navigation is easy with their APP.
  • Highest fees
  • Mobile restricted.
  • Low volume

Hope every company will concentrate on their cons and provide prominent service for their customers.PM me if you know anyother bitcoin exchange working good.I will keep update this thread frequently.

Pros :
  • Elegant UI
  • Multiple Alt coins available to buy sell with INR
  • Live support available
  • Quicker than coinsecure

Cons :
  • Low Volume
  • Higher Fees   Heart  [Currently BEST]

Pros :
  • Lower price in market to buy & sell
  • Quick accepting deposit & withdrawl
  • Alt coin Trading is available
  • Live chat & Whatsapp support available
Cons :
  • Poor UI
  • Low volume

  • Simple Interface to buy & sell.
  • Live Chat available and solved the problems rightaway
Status Notification available, It's easy to understand their status of availability. so you can move to next if they are unavailable.
Deposit is quick, You can request via CHAT for immediate desposit.

  • Higher fees
  • Deposit limitation of 2 Lac / Day.
  • Low volume
NO MORE BITCOIN Trading, It's now 100% XRP platform.

This is my honest review, it's not paid review. Most of traders may accept my review.

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