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Know the secret of Bitmex Leverage trading which you didn't know!
Please visit this group for great bitmex trade, gdax trading, accurate coin predictions and many more -

[Image: MMGkoAN.png]

These are GREAT Special Bitmex Signals which are ONLY posted in Deluxe Bitmex Group. Our signals are easy to trade as they hit all the targets which makes the trading profitable for Bitmex Traders.

Bitmex is the ONLY exchange which provides incredible profit!

We also offer the best Bitmex Bot. It executes all the Premium Signals on your account + It also makes automated independent trades which are like Trading as per trend, Count Trend, Swing Trade etc.

The Bot executes trades as per the leverage and quantity selected.

Once it is set, there is no manual intervention required, it makes trades, closes trade, trades as per stop loss and take profit with smooth execution.

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