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See how Bitcoin saves you Time and Money with BitLux Private Luxury Jets

BitLux Travel is making a significant impact on private jet commerce. The pioneering company in online travel announced that is accepting bitcoin payments as the primary means of tenure, with today's statement.

"We are proud supporters of the bitcoin community and are pleased to announce that we have adopted bitcoin as our #1 preferred method of payment."

Why pay with bitcoin?
It's so easy to pay with bitcoin, and just as easy to accept and process. It's simple as scanning a barcode on your cell phone. Not only that but transaction fees are substantially cheaper than a bank or Paypal transaction.  A simple bank transfer can take days; an international transfer could even longer, possibly weeks!  
Bitcoin is portable
As long as you can access the internet, you can send from your bitcoin wallet to anywhere in the world in mere seconds. Why hassle with ATM withdraws or check deposits? Accepting Bitcoin is extremely efficient compared to checks, cash, or credit card payments.   

Users pay in crypto-currencies or fiat
If you book your flight in advance, your payment is held until the until you use the service. 

"Allowing private individuals to stay private is a high priority."

Book a luxury jet without 3rd party mediators infringing on your privacy. You maintain full control of your data at all times. We will never track your data or share it with a third party without your prior authorization, any data that is not decentralized will be fully encrypted.
  • 24/7 Personal Account representatives
Our service is professional, yet personal. Your BitLux representative will be there every step of the way in ensuring your flight experience goes as smoothly as possible
  • The finest luxury jets
Access to over 30,000 aircraft ensures that you can always have the best option for your needs.

How much will I save when I pay with bitcoin?
Prices and savings vary by time and destination. Ready to book a flight?    To learn more about our service, flight paths, or to contact us with your questions, we invite you to visit the BitLux Website.

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