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Simple Setup to earn 0.005 BTC per hour on auto-pilot
Firstly see my profit in this fresh account I just started a few minutes ago

[Image: currentsession.jpg]

You will see in subsequent screen captures, how fast the profit will be increasing

Now the simple steps:

1. Open the URL and register

2. On registration, they give you a dummy currency to play around. You don’t need that. Click on the dummy currency icon and you will see all the cryptos supported by them. Double click the crypto of your choice and it’s icon will replace the dummy currency icon. Amount will be 0.00000

3. When you click on the 0.000, you will be given options for Withdrawal and Deposit. To run the game with safety, I would recommend to deposit atleast 0.001. I have though deposited 0.002  and it is now 44k satoshis up as against the 32k satoshis showing above. 

[Image: running.jpg]

4. Once your deposit is displayed in place of the 0.0000, you are ready to setup and earn on auto-pilot. The deposit only take 2 confirmations to be credited. The site shows notification when unconfirmed deposit is received and also when 2 confirmations have taken place. Withdrawals are also just as fast with the lowest priority withdrawal.

5. Now, click on the Prediction box and edit it to 5. Click on Roll Under. Click on the Bet Amount and edit it to 0.00000010

[Image: setting1.jpg]

Notice my balance is continually growing

6. Now click the Auto button and make settings as below:

[Image: setting2.jpg]

7. Click the Start Autoplay button and watch your balance grow. It goes down in small amounts and then increased with a large amount. So, don’t panic if you see it going down for a few seconds  See my balance is now 0.003. 100K satoshis while writing this post.

[Image: final.jpg]

Don't wait, Act FAST

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