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Basic Attention Token has spiked today after Coinbase announced support for ECR20 Ethereum based tokens with many speculating BAT might be the first one to be added.

Coinbase has made it clear they need more regulatory clarity before listing a token, but the announcement does suggest it will be a token that will be added, with speculation thus heating up as to which token that will be exactly.
The market seems to be betting on BAT, which saw quite a big jump today following the news, with volumes significantly up:

The rumor mill’s chief evidence is a statement by Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’s founder, who almost exactly a year ago said BAT is:

“Exactly the sort of token we’d like to support on Coinbase and GDAX over the coming year, make it easy to buy/sell these with gov currencies.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean BAT is at the top of the list, but the rumor mill is saying it can’t be any clearer than that. Most importantly, the market is saying it, because BAT is the only one to clearly move.

The efficient market hypothesis suggests price reflects all known information, but of course it could be just speculation chiefly driving it as right now there’s only guesses and rumors.

BAT however is an interesting project. It aims to tokenize advertising and publishers monetization as we have covered before.
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Tech giants Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL - Get Report) and Facebook Inc. (FB - Get Report) have both acted to ban ads for  cryptocurrencies, causing prices to fall. But some Bitcoin experts say the move could wind up helping cryptos in the long run. 

"This year, we updated several policies to address ads in unregulated or speculative financial products like binary options, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange markets and contracts for difference (or CFDs)," Scott Spencer, Google's director of sustainable ads, wrote in a blog post on March 14. The news caused the price of Bitcoin to fall almost 4% that, and followed a similar announcement by Facebook in January.

Despite the short-term impact on its value, the bans are a good thing for Bitcoin, said Arran Stewart, co-owner of the blockchain recruitment platform

The advertisers promoting cryptocurrencies would be "trying to prey on new movers into the market," Stewart said. And for new consumers, not only would investing in a cryptocurrency based on a Google ad be reckless, "it's dangerous," he said.

Cryptocurrencies need to mature in order to become legitimate assets, Stewart and others argue; Google and Facebook's policies are a step toward legitimacy for Bitcoin.

"You don't see a lot of advertisements to buy stock," said Joshua Gordon-Blake, vice president of product at Pangea Money Transfer.

Given that part of the draw of cryptocurrencies is that they're not tied to any government, Gordon-Blake said other parties such as Google and Facebook will have to step in "to try to have a moral compass."

Bitcoin's price was up 3.5% at $8,556.57 during Friday trading. Since the beginning of the year, the asset's price has risen almost 8%.
by FLUZFLUZGLOBAL at 03-14-2018, 03:30 PM
Fluz Fluz is launching a FLUZ token giveaway campaign.
Follow our Twitter and Telegram to be updated and have a chance to win FLUZ tokens from March 5 until April 1 23:59 CET.
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In order to participate in the competition you must follow these rules:

  • You must follow our Twitter account - Fluz Fluz Global (@FLUZFLUZGLOBAL) | Twitter

  • You must be a member or join Fluz Fluz Telegram group - Fluz Fluz Global [Image: 2728.png]

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Phase 1 :
March 5, after the announcement on Twitter — March 11 23:59 CET
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Phase 4:
March 26, after the announcement on Twitter — April 1, 23:59 CET
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Spread the word about Fluz Fluz. We are giving you creative freedom — you can make a video, podcast, publish an article, or write a post. Our team will nominate 10 best posts about Fluz Fluz and Telegram community will vote for 5 winners who will receive 2500 tokens. The more effort you put, the more likely you will get nominated.
Share your work on Twitter, tag Fluz Fluz and include hashtags #FluzFluz & #FLUZgiveaway so we could identify your tweet.
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The Team has rights to replace the winner with another randomly picked participant in case we will identify cheating attempts, duplicate posts, posts not relevant to Fluz Fluz, posts containing unacceptable language content or any other odd behavior.
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Participate in our giveaway for your chance to win 3.3 ETH for you and your friends!
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Step 4: complete the the Google form to track the results HERE
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Have used a lot of faucets over the years and have referred hundreds of users to various faucets. But, it is unfortunate that many faucets turned out to be scams. Users give their precious time to the faucet to reach payout limit only to discover that withdrawals do not happen. A recent experience was On the other hand, faucets which are not scams, keep major share of earning to themselves and pass on a tiny portion to the users.

Disappointed by the above situation, need for a honestly paying faucet was felt. Had been thinking about it for some time. Being a novice in web development, this was a huge task to do on my own. Fortunately, found a script on GitHub

Based on this script, a new BTC faucet site has been created. It is a simple site without any fancy work. There are two ways to make BTC:

1. Win 15-70 Satoshis every 20 minutes.
2. Browser based mining.
3. 6% of earnings of referrals.

Payout limit is 0.0003 BTC.

The site is a work in progress. Total of your satoshi wins and mining hashes is available. However, detailed Account history page is not functional as yet. All user activity is being recorded in database. Only the page to display the same is to be constructed. It will be done before early joiners reach the withdrawal limit. The Account page will show detailed information regarding all three activities above. Withdrawal page will be active when user reaches payout limit.

Please join and also refer others. Any questions and issues may be put here in the thread.

Please note that the site uses coinhive captcha and browser mining. Some Ad blockers may block these. You will need to disable that. Also this works best in Chrome. 
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